Eco-crossing of the Ecrins

A concept initially created in 2018 in the Belledonne massif, the 4th edition of the Alpine Ecotraversée is moving to the Ecrins massif, based on the same principle of an itinerant hike open to all, with the goal to explore a territory and meet local actors.

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    The Ecotraversée 2021 will take place in the heart of the Ecrins National Park. Over the course of the trip, participants will meet various local actors from mountain communities they will be traversing. They will have the opportunity to discuss the specificities and challenges - both human and environmental - facing the region.

    Through different mediation techniques and a diversity of perspectives, this form of itinerant hike allows for a meaningful immersion in a territory. Stereotypes and prejudices are set aside as the participants evolve and grasp the complexity of the problems encountered.

    The Ecotraversée des Ecrins 2021 is supported and organized by the association Alpes-là , the Ecrins National Park and the Labex ITTEM, which are committed to respecting five key values:

    • Understanding the challenges faced by mountain regions through the exploration of areas traversed, its ecosystem and its challenges (local actors, local transition initiatives, natural and human environment)
    • Limit the negative impact of mountain practices by reducing the environmental footprint (local food, zero waste, low-carbon transport)
    • Promote learning and sharing through open-mindedness and critical thinking (diffusion of science and research, multidisciplinary approaches, exchanges, knowledge sharing)
    • Immerse yourself in the natural environment by taking taking a slower approach (on foot and in mountain huts, gîtes or bivouacs)
    • Putting the economy back at the service of people and the territory (financial accessibility, economic equilimbrium of the project, contribution to the local economy)

    Evenings events are also planned with the public in the around mountain huts.

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