Belledonne eco-crossing

Since its conception in 2018, the Ecotraversée de Belledonne offers a multiday hike across the massif. Each year, about fifteen participants strike out to meet local actors, discover the richness of the mountain range and learn about the issues that face it.

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    Ecotraversées offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in a massif in its natural as well as human dimensions. During their journey on foot, the participants, mountain enthusiasts from various backgrounds, meet different speakers and local actors: scientists, artists, associations, mountain professionals and residents. They all tell, in their own way, a facet of the territory, without forgetting the impacts of mountain tourism practices. Evenings are also organized in the shelters located along the route.

    The assembly of these different experiences and testimonies makes it possible to understand the riches of the ecosystem but also its fragilities, and to better understand the complexity of the challenges to which it is subject. It is also a unique experience to confront points of view through informal exchanges, meetings and debates. This can also be an opportunity to put aside certain prejudices.

    By promoting knowledge of environmental issues and various local transition initiatives, Ecotraversée organizers hope to contribute to the preservation of the regions’ natural heritage, in particular by promoting less impactful forms of mountain tourism: alternative forms of travel, local food, etc.

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