Documenting the transition from outdoor recreation to mid-mountains

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This multimedia project from the Grenoble School of Journalism aims to document the environmental impact of mountain sports, at a time when alpine ski resorts are anticipating or beginning to diversify their sporting and tourist offerings.

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After two projects hatched in 2021 around climate change in the Isère Alps ( Micro-climate then Thaw ), students from the Grenoble School of Journalism will focus on documenting the environmental impact of mid-mountain sports and leisure activities and the various related issues. Trekking and hiking, trail running, cycling, climbing, caving and canyoning, paragliding: so many activities for “nature lovers” whose environmental cost needs to be better understood.

The project will take place in two stages:

1) In March and April 2023, theoretical framing work will be carried out, to highlight the main issues (economic, social, cultural, political and of course ecological) of this transition and offer initial illustrations of how it is taking place. poses concretely for certain actors in the Alpine arc. Significant documentation work will be carried out, enriched by the intervention of specialists in the field. At the same time, monitoring of current events on this issue will be undertaken with the students, from which they will produce content for the site and other specific networks, with video clips from 2 to 3 minutes.

2) In May 2023, field work will be launched on the Vercors and Chartreuse massifs, resulting in a chaptered production, made up of video clips, podcasts and multimedia publications, broadcast on a dedicated website. It will then be a question of telling the story of the issues identified around this tourist diversification of mid-mountain sports and leisure activities, through factual data allowing us to understand their contours, and by the restitution of unique stories of actors embodying the subject.

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