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Quality of life in the Alps: give your opinion!

As part of the preparation of the 10th Report on the state of the Alps initiated by the Alpine Convention – and in which the Labex ITTEM participates – a major survey is launched among the inhabitants of the Alps.

How satisfied are you with your quality of life? What are your needs and what changes would you like? The Alpine Convention – an international treaty of 1991 signed by eight countries of the Alpine arc and the European Union and aimed at the sustainable development of the Alpine chain – would like to know your opinion on these questions. Placed under the Slovenian presidency for the period 2023-2024, it summarizes as follows:

The living conditions of residents go beyond economic performance and standards of living. This is why the concept of quality of life – which also includes the personal perceptions of individuals and the cultural and value structures of a society – is at the forefront of public policies and reflection on sustainable development (…) Alps can offer a high quality of life to its residents, but to benefit from it, we need to understand what makes each region unique and what quality of life means to residents. »

The survey will feed into the 10th Report on the state of the Alps – information base on the state and future of the Alpine region – from which recommendations are made to local and regional decision-makers. and national.

The survey is open to anyone over the age of 15 living in the Alps. Responses must be sent no later than July 31, 2023 .

To complete the survey:
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