Recibiodal - Impacts of the presence of wolves in the Belledonne massif

Ongoing project

Recibiodal is a "research-action-creation" project aiming to (re)think the social dimension of the imacts of the presence of wolves in the Belledonne massif, by situating the issue within a more general theme of territorial resilience in the face of a need for agropastoral and food systems transitions.


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Les clôtures constituent une des mesures de protection des troupeaux ovins contre la prédation

Co-sponsored by the laboratory Pacte and Espace Belledonne (organisation for the development of a Belledonne Regional Nature Park), the Recibiodal project - Reciprocity at the crossroads of towns and mountains: landscapes of biodiversity and food - is part of an approach aiming to reconcile human activities (agriculture, hunting, tourism) and wildlife (ibex, black grouse, wolves). This approach has been supported for several years by Espace Belledonne, in partnership with the Isère Departmental Federation of Hunters (FDCI), the Isère Alpine Pastures Federation (FAI), the Savoie Alpine Economy Society (SEA73) and the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB).

This project brings together researchers and local actors as well as an artist-photographer. It examines the conservation of biodiversity by wieghing the knowledge and experience of "nature" from the point of view of the inhabitants (local scale) with scientific knowledge and experiments on biodiversity (global scale): how can conserve biodiversity while taking into account the local specificities (human, animal, geographical, etc.), the experiences of the inhabitants and stakeholders, and finally, what is important to us individually and collectively in these territories?

This project puts forward the hypothesis that biodiversity conservation must take into account other fundamental issues for the territories, such as food (production and consumption) and landscapes (quality of change).

Le projet Recibiodal bénéficie aussi du soutien financier du Labex Osug et de l’Idex UGA.

Chercheurs et chercheuses associé·e·s au projet Recibiodal :

Dominique Baud (Pacte), Caroline Brand (Isara) Mikaël Chambru (Gresec), Edith Chezel (Pacte), Pauline Dusseux (Pacte),

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