Socio-ecosystems in transition in the Trièves

Projet terminé

The immersive training course at the start of the new academic year in the Master 1 “Geographies and Mountains” program at the Université Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB) is designed to bring the 40 or so students in the class into close contact with the realities of running a mountain region. Two-thirds of the students come from institutions that are generally far removed from mountain regions.

© Fabien Hobléa
Prise de contact du groupe avec le terrain à la plateforme d’observation du barrage de Monteynard, sur le Drac.

This immersion is based on a proactive, interactive approach to teaching, with students working as part of a group, contributing and mobilizing their previous knowledge, and agreeing to exchange and enrich it by sharing it with other students, supervisors and stakeholders.

Students discover the foundations and workings of mountain regions, viewed through the prism of the socio-ecosystem concept (interactions between human societies and their natural environment).

The proposed area – the Trièves, some forty kilometers south of Grenoble – allows us to tackle the general theme of mountain rurality in transition, which will be broken down into sub-themes worked on in groups of 3 to 4 students. The topics addressed are fully in line with the work of Labex ITTEM: eco-energy transitions in mountain territories, social and territorial innovation in risk management, landscapes, food and other resources (water, etc.).

This field placement will demonstrate the usefulness of research methods and tools for understanding and dealing with the territorial issues identified.

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