Nordic industry in the Vercors: in search of a societal transition

Projet en cours

Students in the Master 2 Tourism, Innovation and Transition program set off to meet 19 stakeholders in the 4 Montagnes (Nord Vercors) to assess their ability to work together, and to gain a better understanding of how creating links, strengthening cooperation and building common ground can contribute to social and territorial transformation as part of societal transition.

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The question of societal transition is not just a question of energy and the environment. It also implies human changes in the way we live, work, produce, train and organize ourselves at the level of professions, sectors and civil society, in order to meet the challenges facing our territories.

At the same time, players in the field are faced with the structural disengagement of public support, which favors investment over support and project engineering. This often accentuates the isolation and fragility of small structures, which are at the heart of activity and social ties in mountain areas. As a result, creative resources run the risk of running out of steam or even being exhausted, reinforcing the need to overcome functional and sectoral barriers (tourism, sport, culture, etc.) and weave more cross-functional links at local level.

This educational workshop is organized in partnership with the Foyer de ski nordique Méaudre-Autrans, and takes the form of an interview survey and round-table discussion with players and operators in the Nordic sector (clubs, ESF, sports stores, accommodation providers, development agents, tourist offices).

The diagnosis carried out by the students in January 2023 underlines the potential structuring role of a ‘mountain culture’ that would benefit from being worked on and better appropriated. This ‘mountain culture’ goes far beyond the practice of sport, especially as sporting practices have moved away from this culture “by focusing on performance“.

Based on a diagnosis in terms of “places”, “links” and “binders”, some convincing skills emerge among the players consulted. Some of them collaborate frequently or have done so for a long time, and have built up cooperative organizations. Our analysis of the social vision of change shows that the region has pioneers and early adopters, who are real assets in laying the foundations for a successful transition.

Organization of a round table with Nordic industry players Méaudre-Autrans (Vercors) January 4, 2023
Julien Vanoli

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