Change App – Change your approach to mountain sports

2023 - ...

This project focuses on mountain sports enthusiasts who have signed up to the “Changer d’approche” climate change mitigation initiative launched in 2007 by the Mountain Wilderness association, which aims to promote ecotourism and car-free mobility in the mountains.

© Mikaël Chambru

The first axis of the project focuses on the origins of individual involvement in climate change mitigation practices in the leisure sector. In particular, the conditions under which individuals have been in contact with nature, but also how they have been made aware of its preservation as part of a leisure activity. The development of environmental awareness can influence sensitivity to climate issues, and be characterized by a willingness to adopt behaviors aimed at mitigating climate change.

The second axis of the project aims to analyze the emergence of communities of practice bringing together followers of the “Change Approach” approach, whether online or during the practice of the activity. The project will look at how social interactions within these communities of practice help to modify each other’s behaviors.

The project’s methodology combines life story interviews to examine the socialization processes of individuals, participation in outings with practitioners to identify ways of doing things in the field and the underlying social logics, and an ethnography based on online communities of practice to link followers of a new approach to the mountains.

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