Sustainable mountains” featured in L’Alpe

In the latest issue of L’Alpe, “Montagne durable?”, geographer Emmanuel Reynard, Director of the Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche sur la montagne at the University of Lausanne, looks at sustainability from the angle of resource management. For “climate change is by no means the only environmental issue in the Alps”, he writes.

A few pages further on, Philippe Bourdeau (Pacte), scientific coordinator of Labex ITTEM, revisits the concepts of “sustainable development” and “transition” and the visions of society they convey. Or how the promise of “saving the planet without changing our way of life” has gradually come up against the realization of the need for transformation.

And to what extent mountains, with their combination of “heightened exposure to climate change” and “poor development”, can be seen as a laboratory for transition.