Territorial researchers and actors: a manual for transitions

The post-doctoral “Transition and mountain territories” carried out between 2021 and 2022 within the Labex ITTEM gave rise to the publication of a booklet offering thematic factsheets for the attention of researchers and territorial actors awaiting benchmarks. Objective: put transdisciplinarity into practice in the context of sustainable transitions.

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© Carine Pachoud

    Designed as an “instruction manual”, this transdisciplinary research manual for transitions, produced by Carine Pachoud as part of her post-doctoral fellowship, is the result of reflections and work carried out on collaborations between researchers and territorial actors in the context of sustainable transitions, from a conceptual and operational point of view.

    The booklet Leading collaborations between researchers and territorial actors for mountain transitions – Transdisciplinary research manual , resulting from this research offers four major thematic sheets. It provides elements of definition, advice, points of vigilance and avenues for reflection to improve collaborative processes between researchers and field stakeholders. It was developed based on a literature review, interviews with Labex researchers and scientific events conducted with Labex researchers and partners (on page 4 of the manual).

    • Sheet n°1 “The transition: quesako?” : it proposes a definition of sustainable transition and develops four analytical approaches to transitions to facilitate reading: socio-technological, socio-ecological, institutional and through social innovations.
    • Sheet no. 2 “Transdisciplinarity to respond to the challenges of sustainable transition” : it defines the concept of transdisciplinarity and provides elements of understanding on the context of emergence of this new type of research, its issues and its progress.
    • Sheet no. 3 “The methods of collaboration between researchers and territorial actors” : it is aimed more at territorial actors. She gives advice on how to approach research to work jointly and explains the different possible methods of collaboration between researchers and territorial actors.
    • Sheet no. 4 “Principles for putting transdisciplinarity into practice” : it develops seven principles for putting transdisciplinary research into practice and provides points for vigilance around each of these principles.


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