Research and mountains: it happens at the IMC

© Leïla Shahshahani

Born in 2005 in Scotland and recognized as the largest international mountain research conference, the International Mountain Conference (IMC) takes place this year from September 11 to 15 in Innsbruck, Austria. 

Like the previous edition in 2019, the organizers of IMC 2022 come from the Mountain Regions research axis of the University of Innsbruck, located in the heart of the Alps.

More than eighty conferences, workshops and other events will bring together around 800 participants from around the world, who will come to share the results of their research on mountains, on different themes: impact of altitude on climate change; risks linked to glaciers and permafrost; status and future of waters; impact of reduced snow and ice; grasslands facing global change; coping strategies; pursuit of climate neutrality; protected natural areas as tools for sustainable development; future of leisure and consequences for alpine fauna…

Many researchers from Labex ITTEM will attend the event and will also present their work to the scientific community. We will talk in particular about the Refuges sentinelles and Sentinel Alps programs, glacier tourism in the era of climate change, social innovations around the Transformont project, energy issues in the Andes and the Alps or issues linked to water resource in the context of winter tourism, or the research residency organized by the collective Perce-Neige in the Vercors.

Inhabited by more than a billion people worldwide, mountain regions provide up to a quarter of the world's population with vital resources such as water. Strongly impacted by the effects of climate change and socio-economic changes, these regions today constitute a crucial field of study for scientists from different disciplines.

Discover the full program on the International Mountain Conference 2022 website