Hospitals of Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet: transformations and future of a wasteland

Ongoing project

As part of the International Master's course Transformative Urban Studies (Trust) of the Institute of Urban Planning and Alpine Geography (IUGA) and at the invitation of the association "Les milieus", this educational workshop offers a reflection on the transformations and the future of a 40 hectare wasteland in the commune of Plateau-des-Petites-Roches, on the eastern foothills of the Chartreuse massif.

The medical activity of the former hospital site of Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet was relocated to the valley between 2008 and 2010. The buildings were demolished in 2018, the land remodeled and partially “re-natured” under the direction of State. Some plots fell into the public domain in 2021. The largest is still private, the legal status of common roads and structures remains unclear, and responsibility for management of the site is not completely fixed.

An anthropized natural environment in full change, the post-demolition issues of this site are multiple and complex. They appear to be decisive for the future of the territory and question our collective relationship with life and the landscape.

The wasteland, located in the commune of Plateau-des-Petites-Roches, on the fringes of the Grenoble metropolitan area, thus intersects with emerging landscape, heritage and territorial issues that the Les Milieux association proposes to examine through the intervention of a multidisciplinary team (artist-documentarian-graphic designer, geographer, historian, landscape architect, etc.) which will be joined by urban planning students from the Master Trust .

Chartreuse training Planning, public policies and governance Culture and heritage Populations and territories