Project life

Le Versant, the student series

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Excerpt from the video Behind the scenes of Le Versant

This year, students from the Grenoble School of Journalism produced the Video series Le Versant , resulting from an educational workshop supported by Labex ITTEM.

The objective of the workshop was to document, as part of a multimedia project, the environmental impact of mountain sports, at a time when ski resorts are anticipating or beginning to diversify their sporting and tourist offerings.

At the end of documentation work then surveys, meetings and interviews in the field, the students produced the series Le Versant , composed of 25 videos, podcasts and reports on a diversity of subjects around the identified theme. : ski competitions, sports equipment, canyoning, hill reservoirs, or even holiday centers, biodiversity atlases, etc.

The first episode, entitled Science at the service of transition , gives the floor to Jean-Baptiste Grison, in charge of the training component at Labex ITTEM. He speaks there on the question of transition applied to mountain territories and on the role of scientific research.

This workshop was led by Emmanuel Marty and Chloë Salles, teacher-researchers and members of the Research Group on communication issues ( Gresec ) attached to the University of Grenoble-Alpes.