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Transition in the mountains seen from Labex ITTEM: look back at 16 months of postdoctoral work

© Coll. Carine Pachoud

The “Transition and mountain territories” postdoctoral fellowship conducted between 2021 and 2022 within Labex ITTEM by Carine Pachoud has come to an end. It will have made it possible to broaden the field of knowledge related to mountain transitions, from a conceptual and operational point of view.

This research gave rise to several scientific events linked to work on sustainable transitions in mountain areas and collaborations between researchers and field partners: conceptual and methodological seminars with Labex researchers, exchange workshop at the Forum des partners, conference with Tom Dedeurwaerdere, seminar with Cirm in Sion.

Several publications resulted from these events, including a scientific article on a conceptual approach to transitions through the prism of the French-speaking concept of “territory”. It is also on this theme that Carine Pachoud spoke on April 12 in a conference organized by the Cirm of the University of Lausanne.

Finally, Carine Pachoud has written a transdisciplinary research manual in the context of mountain transitions for the attention of researchers and territorial actors, offering benchmarks for its implementation in practice. Transdisciplinarity is defined as a “research process which involves close collaboration between researchers from various disciplines and territorial actors to build knowledge around sustainability problems”.

Find all the work related to Carine Pachoud's postdoctoral work on the dedicated file .