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Welcome to the mountains in… 2050

The web documentary Futourisme , carried by the Universities of Savoie Mont Blanc, Grenoble Alpes, Clermont Auvergne and Lyon and supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, has just been released.

The inter-university design fiction and scientific mediation project Futourisme , on the theme of the future of tourism in the region, is made up of four episodes. The first, dedicated to the mountains, presents eleven fictional stories imagining mountain tourism in 2050, commented on by researchers working on the themes addressed. Several of them lead research projects within Labex ITTEM: Emmanuelle George ( Lessem ), Philippe Bourdeau ( Pacte ), Isabelle Frochot, Roxane Favier and Ilse de Klijn (Irège), Emmanuel Salim (Edytem)…

Mountain tourism had no choice; over the last few decades, it has had to renew itself and innovate. Engage in an ecological transition whose issues have impacted its economic and social spheres. After all-thermal and all-ski, a more responsible era, a more diversified offering, is now energizing the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes massifs ,” the documentary introduces.

Several resources on the same theme complete this work: a conference by Philippe Bourdeau on the imagination of tourism given in January 2022 as part of the Futourisme project; a map of tourism trends in 2050 distributed into seven themes; a fictional tourist brochure produced by students involved in the Futourism project; interviews with researchers and links to research projects and a report on territories in transition with interviews with Emmanuelle George and Hugues François ( Lessem ) or even Mikaël Chambru ( Gresec ).

After the mountains, the next episodes of Futourisme will be devoted to the following themes: memorial tourism, cultural and heritage tourism and the new tourism economy.

See the web documentary