Certified training courses

Labex ITTEM has a mission of training and strengthening the Research-Training link. It reinforces the themes and issues specific to it through support for initial training, defending an original approach: interdisciplinarity, strong links with society, social, cultural, economic actors and territories.


Since 2021, Labex has been forming partnerships through “training” labeling aimed at promoting Master’s courses addressing the issue of the transition of mountain territories. The latter also aims, more generally, to develop training and questions around the mountain in humanities and social.

See the text of the call for expressions of interest [pdf]

Master's degree in law and sustainable mountain development

Savoie Mont Blanc and Grenoble Alpes Universities

Created in 1986, this training is unique in France and Europe. Now provided by the University of Savoie Mont Blanc in partnership with the University of Grenoble Alpes, it aims to provide students with the skills necessary for their rapid integration into the network of major players in mountain law. It facilitates their access to the diversity of mountain professions. Thanks to interventions made by mountain law specialists, the training combines legal technique and a “field” approach.

Master of Applied History

Grenoble Alpes University

The Applied History: society, environment, territories course develops skills in historical analysis of the functioning of societies, of the past and the present, and of the past in the present. It aims to develop the capacity to mobilize historical knowledge over the long term, in the service of understanding major societal questions.
The student is integrated into applied research programs carried out by the laboratories, in particular those carried out on the social history of risks and the environment, the history of urban societies, the history of economic development of territories, history of mobility and borders.