The governance of Labex ITTEM

In September 2022, Kirsten Koop ( PACTE ) and Mikaël Chambru ( GRESEC ) take over the scientific coordination of Labex, carried out since 2020 by Philippe Bourdeau ( PACTE ).

The program's governance is structured around five bodies:

The Bureau: made up of members of a laboratory attached to Labex, and representing each of its supervisory organizations ( UGA , USMB , INRAE ), it meets once a month to prepare the monthly meeting of the Management Committee, discuss the distribution of the different missions, ensure the monitoring of scientific projects and international deployment.

Members: Isabelle Arpin ( LESSEM ), Mikaël Chambru ( GRESEC ) , Stéphane Gal ( LARHRA ), Kirsten Koop ( PACTE )

The Steering Committee: its members represent the partner laboratories, and meet at least once a month. Embodying the operational level, it implements Labex actions and determines the budget structure annually. It defines the content of calls for projects, submits proposals to experts, examines the expertise and decides on the funding granted.

Members: Isabelle Arpin ( LESSEM ), François Barque (CRJ), Karine Basset ( LARHRA ), Rachel Bocquet ( IREGE ), Malek Bouhaouala (SENS), Nicolas Buclet ( PACTE ), Marie Cambone ( GRESEC ), Mikaël Chambru ( GRESEC ), Nathalie Couix ( LESSEM ), Marie Courrèges (Centre Favre), Cristina Del Biaggio ( PACTE ), Mélanie Duval (EDYTEM) , Stéphane Gal ( LARHRA ) , Jean-François Joye (Centre Favre), Kirsten Koop ( PACTE ), Dominique Kreziak ( IREGE ), Clémence Perrin-Malterre (EDYTEM) .

The Steering Committee: made up of representatives of Labex supervisory bodies, academic partners, representatives of local authorities and socio-economic partners, it meets once a year to evaluate the progress of activities, approve the scientific programming and resources implemented. This committee embodies the decision-making level of Labex.

Voting Members: INRAE, CNRS ,USMB ,UGA ,Labex ITTEM. Honorary Members: list under validation.

The Laboratory Committee: made up of the directors of the member laboratories, The Laboratory Committee meets at least once a year to do an appraisal of actions and orientations chosen by the Labex. It ensures effective administrative management and the coherence of the scientific links between the laboratory policies and the actions of the Labex.

Deliberative votes (one vote per laboratory): Laurence Dumoulin ( PACTE ), Elisa Andretta ( LARHRA ), Rachel Bocquet ( IREGE ), Aina Chalabaev (SENS), Guillaume Garner ( LARHRA ) , Jean-François Joye (Centre Favre), Benoit Lafon ( GRESEC ), Ingrid Maria (CRJ), Amélie Nuq ( LARHRA ), Yves Perrette (EDYTEM), Sophie Raux ( LARHRA ), Thomas Spiegelberger ( LESSEM ), Romain Tinière (CRJ).

The Scientific Committee: made up of French and international specialists on the Labex's areas of interest, the scientific committee evaluates the annual report, the expertise and selection of projects, and attends scientific events (winter universities, symposia, etc.). As an advisory body, it ensures the quality of the work carried out by the Labex.

A new Scientific Committee is currently being put in place, in order to align as closely as possible with the orientations and themes of the Labex ITTEM for the period 2020-2024.

Members of the Labex ITTEM support team:

  • Ostiane Chaboisson: scientific communication and administrative management
  • Amina Chbani: project coordination
  • Jean-Baptiste Grison: socio-economic development and training
  • Leila Shahshahani: communication